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Plastic Polish - 300 ml.

Plastic Polish - 300 ml.
Plastic Polish - 300 ml.
Item number: MMPP300
Price: €15.00

Cleans, shines & protects removes scratches

Polishing paste for smooth and hard plastic surfaces.

Cleans and polishes all artificial materials, plastic, plexiglass, polyester, faience and ceramics .

Achieves gloss effect of plexiglass, polyester, acrylic bathtubs and showers, sanitary furniture, vessels and others. Removes scratches and injuries, smoothes the surface. Easily remove spots of insects, rubber and blackouts on boats and yachts.


  • Cleaning and polishing of sanitary faience and ceramics (sanitary sinks, toilet bowls, etc.)
  • It is suitable for polishing non-metallic surfaces of: cars, trucks, bikes, yachts and boats.
  • Suitable for polishing and removing scratches from motorcycle helmets and car headlights.
  • Removes dirt, oxides, scratches and more and seals the polished surface.
  • Gives shine and lasting protection against environmental influences.
  • Does not contain ammonia and silicone.

How to use > Apply on the surface with a well-wrung cloth, polish it with dry and soft fabric.

Content: An emulsion-based water and hydrocarbons – 10-25% (Distillates petroleum, hidrgenirani light fractions and polishing material (aluminum dioxide) and components.

Be stored in a dry and ventilated room at a temperature of 0 to 30 C.

Packaging: Box 36x24x24 sm - 12.600 kg

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