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Nano coating for bathrooms, bathtubs, shower cabins, glass and plastic.

Impregnation substance which keeps the bath clean for months.

The product creates a protective layer that completely isolates the surface from the contact with water, grease or dirt, which in turn prevents the occurrence of mold and mildew, thus protecting the grout from staining. The product does not allow limescale buildup, and where there are still small deposits, they are removed only with a damp cloth, without using any chemicals.

Efficacy duration - up to 6 months

The MaxMolix nano coating for glass and ceramics is an impregnation substance intended for all interior glass surfaces, faience tiles, terracotta tiles and mirrors.
MaxMolix Molix Nano wipe – Invisible windshield wiper

The new generation of special wipes with nano coating MaxMolix Nano wipe. The nano coating MaxMolix Nano wipe can not damage the glass and they can not be removed by washing.

Application in just 2 steps and 20 minutes yet effect will last.

NANO GLASS COATING UP TO 6 MONTHS WINDSCREEN PROTECTION. Unique nano product with a very wide field of application (cars, trucks, buses and any glass surfaces) and the functional in all seasons by protecting the windshield of the car from rain, ice, slush, mud and insects. MaxMolix Nano Wipe can use all seasons.


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