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Metal polish wax 4 in 1- 300ml .

Metal polish wax 4 in 1- 300ml .
Metal polish wax 4 in 1- 300ml .
Item number: MMMP300
Price: €15.00

Metal Polish 4 в 1 cleans, polishes, seals and restores all metal surfaces.

Metal polish for chrome, silver, aluminum, inox, zinc, brass, copper.


Cleans and polishes all metal surfaces to achieve a mirror gloss. Removed easily stains from oxidation. The combination of constituents contributes to parallel cleaning, polishing and achieving a protective layer on the respective surfaces. Protects against atmospheric influences. Removed easily rust and creates a protective layer. High quality ingredients achieve super gloss and protect from external influences.


  • Cleaning and polishing metal surfaces of: sanitary fittings, cars, trucks, motors, wheels, household knives, appliances and tools, musical instruments, watches, jewelery, metal furniture, ships and yachts.
  • Removes rust, dirt, oxide and others and seals the polished surface.
  • Gives shine and lasting protection against environmental influences.
  • Does not contain ammonia and silicone.

How to use > Apply on the surface with a well-wrung cloth, polish it with dry and soft fabric.

Content: An emulsion-based water and hydrocarbons (Distillates petroleum, hidrgenirani light fractions and polishing material (aluminum dioxide) and components.

Be stored in a dry and ventilated room at a temperature of 0 to 30 C.

Caution: Do not use on painted surfaces!

Packaging: Box 36x24x24 sm - 12.600 kg

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