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ShineMate EX620/orbit 15mm/disc 125/foam pad 150mmShineMate EX620/orbit 15mm/disc 125/foam pad 150mmPrice: €230.00MORE INFO
Auto pеrfume La Belle Vie - 100 ml.Auto pеrfume La Belle Vie - 100 ml.The La Belle Vie auto-perfume epitomizes the desire for a new era in which femininity is a matter of personal choice, not a forced standard. La Belle Vie is truly innovative - the first lady's gourmet perfume with a scent of iris. This is a modern interpretation of oriental perfume with a gourmet note,...Price: €7.14MORE INFO
ShineMate EX620/orbit 15mm/disc 150/foam pad 180mmShineMate EX620/orbit 15mm/disc 150/foam pad 180mmPrice: €230.00MORE INFO
Nano glass coating - NANO SHIELD in cartton box 25 pcs.Nano glass coating - NANO SHIELD in cartton box 25 pcs.MaxMolix Nano Shield Nano glass coating - Wipe on Invisible wiper Perfect visibility for your car in harsh weather. The new generation of special wet wipes with nano coating car windows MaxMolix NANO SHIELD.The nano coating creates a thin protective layer on your windscreen which in rainy conditions allows...Price: €50.99MORE INFO
MOTOR CLEANER -  1 лMOTOR CLEANER - 1 лVery strong degreaser designed to wash engine, rims, undercarriage of oil, lubricants, adhering dust and more. How to use: spray the engine, wait 1-2 minutes and wash with water. The best effect is achieved with a warm engine. Do not let it dry. Dilution: from 1:4 to 1:9 pH – 12 Biodegradability: over...Price: €7.64MORE INFO
MU "Multi Cleaner" 1000 ml.MU "Multi Cleaner" 1000 ml.Price: €13.95MORE INFO
Carpet Foam Cleaner - 1 l.Carpet Foam Cleaner - 1 l.Price: €5.60MORE INFO
Auto perfume Cartier - 100 ml.Auto perfume Cartier - 100 ml.Cartier perfume is a fragrant masterpiece that will forever leave a mark on the perfume`s world! It was created as a symbol of freedom and the independent, rebellious spirit of women. The aroma is bold and sensual, luxurious and memorable. You will be liked by the sophisticated and elegant ladies who have an...Price: €7.14MORE INFO
Active Foam Light - 5 lActive Foam Light - 5 lGRASS-Active Foam Light non-contact washing agent-5 l. It can be applied either with a foamer (foamer), nebulizer spray or with an ordinary garden sprayer. Easily removes static dirt, street dust, oil and insect marks. It is easy to wash off and leaves no traces. Does not damage aluminum, nickel-plated and...Price: €15.29MORE INFO
Nano coating for textile and leather - 500 mlNano coating for textile and leather - 500 mlInvisible nano cover for textile and leather protection Textile impregnation substance which makes the surface waterproof and facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of any porous surfaces and skin. Application: The product may be applied to all types of porous materials and leather. It prevents absorbtion...Price: €51.60MORE INFO
AS "Active Safe" 1 l.AS "Active Safe" 1 l.Price: €11.80MORE INFO
Nano coating for bathrooms, bathtubs, shower cabins, glass and ceramic - 500 mlNano coating for bathrooms, bathtubs, shower cabins, glass and ceramic - 500 mlInvisible nano cover for bathroom protection. Hydrophobic impregnation substance which keeps the bath clean for months. The product creates a protective layer that completely isolates the surface from the contact with water, grease or dirt, which in turn prevents the occurrence of mold and mildew, thus...Price: €52.22MORE INFO
Kit plast , pile 5 pcsKit plast , pile 5 pcsPrice: €36.10MORE INFO
Auto perfume Oppio black - 300 ml.Auto perfume Oppio black - 300 ml.Price: €12.75MORE INFO
SW "Super Wax" 500 ml.SW "Super Wax" 500 ml.Price: €13.45MORE INFO
Apartament series А1+ 5l.Apartament series А1+ 5l.Price: €50.49MORE INFO
Tire Polish - 1 kg.Tire Polish - 1 kg.Water-based tire cleaner - Tire Polish - 1 kg. Professional detergent for cleaning and polishing car tires and other rubber surfaces. Restores the black color, gives a glossy shine with the effect of wet tires. Restores treated surfaces. Protects against cracking and UV rays. Water soluble from 1:5 to 1:7...Price: €11.00MORE INFO
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