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IK "Interior Kit"MORE INFO
Plastic Polish - 300 ml.Cleans, shines & protects removes scratches Polishing paste for smooth and hard plastic surfaces. Cleans and polishes all artificial materials, plastic, plexiglass, polyester, faience and ceramics . Achieves gloss effect of plexiglass, polyester, acrylic bathtubs and showers, sanitary furniture,...MORE INFO
DP Deep cut pro 250 млMORE INFO
Grill + 600 ml.MORE INFO
Автопарфюм CRID - 300 mlMORE INFO
TX "Textile" 1 l.MORE INFO
WC-gel - Почистващ гел за бани и тоалетни - 750 млMORE INFO
Auto Perfume GIO -200 mlGIO auto-perfume is irresistibly seductive, a masculine scent with long lasting action. It creates a sense of purity, freshness, vitality and energy. Women like the fragrance of the Gio Autofragment because it is elegant, sexy and extremely magnetic. It will equally express your personality, both in business...MORE INFO
Nano coating for bathrooms, bathtubs, shower cabins, glass and ceramic - 200 mlInvisible nano cover for bathroom protection. Hydrophobic impregnation substance which keeps the bath clean for months. The product creates a protective layer that completely isolates the surface from the contact with water, grease or dirt, which in turn prevents the occurrence of mold and mildew, thus...MORE INFO
Nano coating for textile and leather - 1000 mlInvisible nano cover for textile and leather protection Textile impregnation substance which makes the surface waterproof and facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of any porous surfaces and skin. Application: The product may be applied to all types of porous materials and leather. It prevents...MORE INFO
PL "Plastic" 500 ml.MORE INFO
Auto pеrfume La Belle Vie - 200 mlThe La Belle Vie auto-perfume epitomizes the desire for a new era in which femininity is a matter of personal choice, not a forced standard. La Belle Vie is truly innovative - the first lady's gourmet perfume with a scent of iris. This is a modern interpretation of oriental perfume with a gourmet note,...MORE INFO
Clean Glass - 600 ml.MORE INFO
Active Foam Gel+ 1 лMORE INFO
FAST WAX Бърза вакса 1 л.MORE INFO
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