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Nano Headlight Restoration Kit MaxMolix - 1 set

Nano Headlight Restoration Kit MaxMolix - 1 set
Nano Headlight Restoration Kit MaxMolix - 1 set
Item number: MMHRK1

A set of high-tech nano-coated wipes that clean, polish and protect old, blurred, yellowed, discolored and oxidized headlights from the sun's UV rays.

No waste of time, no tools, no need for professionals, just for 2 minutes!

Nano coating restores the transparency of the headlights and gains better illumination and visibility, which enhances your road safety. With the MaxMolix Headlight Restoration Kit  you can polish and protect your headlamps in just 2 minutes, with a lasting effect!

Contemporary way to clean darkened and blurred headlights in German technology and patent.
Suitable for: -LED -XENON -Halogen lamps -LASER LIGHT

Headlight Restoration Kit


  1. First step - CLEAR

Open the № 1 package and clean one headlight using the cloth provided. Open the second package with № 1 on it and clean second headlight with cloth provided.

  1. Second step – DRY HEADLIGHTS

Open the № 2 package and DRY both headlights thoroughly using the cloth provided.

  1. Three step – COATING

Open the № 3 package (do not unfold this cloth) and wipe both headlights thotoughly using the cloth provided.

Do not touch headlights and keep them away from moisture for 45 min. Do not wash the car for 24 hours.

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