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Nano Headlight Restoration Kit MaxMolix - 1 set

Nano Headlight Restoration Kit MaxMolix - 1 set
Nano Headlight Restoration Kit MaxMolix - 1 set
Item number: MMHRK1НВ2
Perfect visibility for your car in harsh weather.

The new generation of special wipes with nano coating car windows MaxMolix Nano Wipes, are designed for windscreen application. The nano coating not only protects the windscreen, but it also makes it much smoother and less likely to get dirty. When it’s raining the coating helps reduce the use of the wipers in the city. In case of intercity and highway driving with over 70 km/h the coating practically makes the wipers completely unnecessary.

The nano coating of the MaxMolix Nano Wipe lasts between 3 and 6 months, depending on the conditions under which the car is used. The touchless car washing can have negative effects on the nano coating resilience (as well as on the car lacquer).

This is a unique nano product with a very wide range of application (cars, trucks, buses and all types of glass surfaces) and functionality. During all seasons it protects the windscreen from rain, frost, slush, dirt and insects.

MaxMolix Nano Wipe can be applied easily in only 2 steps and it has a durable protective nano effect up to 6 months.
MaxMolix Nano Wipe can use all seasons.
POWERFUL FROST REPELLENT - Your windshield scraping days are over! In winter conditions MaxMolix nano wipe reduces the chances of your windscreen developing a layer of frost or ice, which means no more numb fingers. Simply apply this glass surface treatment, which acts as a rain repellant and glass shield against moisture, to the surface of your windshield. Forget about the scraper, the defroster, and the wipers. Simple, effective relief in a low-cost car windshield water repellant.
SUPERIOR WINDSHIELD RAIN REPELLANT – MaxMolix Nano Glass Treatment is an excellent windshield treatment for repelling rain. This high-quality rain repellent glass treatment is a glass coating between the windshield of your car and the elements. With MaxMolix nano windshield protectant coating rain droplets disperse effortlessly. This glass treatment is also effective for buses and trucks because the vertical positioning of the windscreen naturally repels rain.
EFFECTIVE BUG REPELLENT – Bugs be gone! MaxMolix nano wipe is the best windshield treatment for repelling insects. Save your wipers and money by using this spray-on glass protection. With this windshield treatment you’ll have no more bugs stuck to your windscreen, which means no more fuss!
BEST WINDSHIELD GLASS TREATMENT AND CLEANER FOR DIRT AND MUD – MaxMolix nano coating car window treatment is the best windshield treatment. This easy clean glass treatment adds hydrophobic properties to your car windshield to repel dirt. This car windshield treatment ensures easy removal of mud and dirt. This auto glass treatment product is designed to protect your windshield in all types of weather.
IMPROVE VISIBILITY FOR NIGHT DRIVING – MaxMolix car windscreen water repellant also acts as a safety feature. Regular application of this nano windshield treatment considerably reduces the glare from oncoming headlights at night, increasing your visibility and making driving much safer.
Application in only 2 steps
Wash very well and dry the glass/window. Do not apply in direct sunlight or on a hot surface!
Apply the wipe in circular and overlapping motion.
Allow the product to dry in a slight haze.Allow 20 minutes for the process to complete.
Wipe the remaining haze with a dry cloth or paper towel until streak free and crystal clear.
Treated surface keep away from water for 2-5 hours

Attention: The nano coating must be applied when the temperature ranges from 2°С to 30°С.

The nano coating of MaxMolix Nano Wipe already protects the windshield of your car.

One piece of MaxMolix Nano Wipe covers 1.5 m2 of windscreen.
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