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Nano coating for textile and leather - 100 ml.

Nano coating for textile and leather - 100 ml.
Nano coating for textile and leather - 100 ml.
Item number: MMNCT100
Price: €18.40

Invisible nano cover for textile and leather protection

Textile impregnation substance which makes the surface waterproof and facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of any porous surfaces and skin.

Application: The product may be applied to all types of porous materials and leather. It prevents absorbtion of liquids hence staining of:

  • • clothes and shoes (jackets, pants, socks, hats), backpacks and similar items
  • work clothes
  • • furniture (couches, mattresses, beds, chairs,pillows)
  • • tablecloths and curtains, carpets and rugs
  • • outdoor furniture, umbrellas, camping gear, tents, tendas
  • • car seats and covers, car carpets, convertible rooftops

How to apply MaxMolix nano textile protection:

the surface needs to clean and dry

Shake the bottle well before use and spray over the surface you are treating thoroughly untill well covered and soaked

once the item treated has dried off, repeat the procedure and leave to dry for a minimum of 12 hours

Important: do not apply nano coating at temperatures bellow +5 degrees

The protection will last up to 2 years depending on the conditions the treated item is going to be in

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