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Nano shampoo 1 lit

Nano shampoo 1 lit
Nano shampoo 1 lit
Item number: MM136101
Price: €14.78
The high-foaming shampoo combines cleaning and paint protection for the vehicle. It restores the glossy coating and keeps it for a long time. It forms a thin protective film that protects against dirt, water and ice on the car body. The treated surface stays clean longer and is easy to clean. The effect lasts 30 days.
Method of application: For application using foam kit (1L) you will need 100 ml of concentrate. When washing by hand, it is necessary to dilute the concentrate in a ratio of 50 ml to 10 l of warm water.

In a bucket of water 1:500
Vollmer: 1:10

pH – 7
Biodegradability: over 90%
Certificate: ISO-9001
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