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GQ "General Quartz - 50 ml.

GQ "General Quartz - 50 ml.
GQ "General Quartz - 50 ml.
Item number: DT-0117
Price: €142.25
Ceramic body protection that gives shine and hydrophobic properties.
General Quartz provides the most reliable protection of the paintwork, as well as a mirror shine, color depth and gives hydrophobic properties for a long time due to the content of SiO2. Guaranteed protection of the car body for up to 2 years.
• protects the paint from fading and retains its natural color;
• reduces the likelihood of chipping;
• reduces the risk of damage to paintwork at car washes with poor quality chemicals and low level of training of car wash workers;
• enhances the brilliance, depth and color saturation of paintwork
• imparts hydrophobic properties for a long time
Specifications: • Edge wetting angle: 110 degrees • Mohs hardness: 4 • Resistance to alkalis and acids: pH 3-12 • Solvent resistance: alkane, aromatic

• Resistance to UV rays:
10-400 nm
• Durability: from 50 contact sinks, from 20000 km, 12-24 months
• Consumption: 1-2 ml / m2.
≥30% organosilicon polymer, organic solvents; <5%: fluorine-containing polymer, cyclotetrasiloxane, aliphatic hydrocarbons.
How to use:
1. Prepare the car for polishing. 2. Polishing the paintwork. 3. The recommended temperature is 22 ° C, humidity < 60%. Apply RE to the microfiber and spread the composition over the surface in a straight motion. 4. Remove excess microfiber by illuminating with a flashlight. It is important to avoid divorce. 5. Wait 2-5 minutes before applying GQ. 6. Attach the AC cloth to the applicator and apply GQ. 7. Apply the composition to the part with movements from the center to the left, from the center to the right and overlap from the bottom up. 8. Wait 2 minutes. The surface should become cloudy. 9. Use microfiber to polish the surface with rectilinear movements. Use a flashlight, do not allow streaks. 10. To improve the effect, it is allowed to apply 2 layers no earlier than 1 hour. 11. Warm up the car in detail with IR drying. The warm-up temperature is 70 ° C, the waiting time is 10-15 minutes. After 12 hours, you can give the car. Without the use of IR drying, the car must stand in a warm, dry room for 24 hours.
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